The purpose of the Virginia EmComm Association Registration Database is to provide a means of collecting information from EmComm organizations from across Virginia. This is an umbrella organization that supports the members of groups such as ARES, RACES, SKYWARN, SouthBears, LDS, hospital groups and others that provide Amateur Radio Emergency communications during times of emergency or public service events. Taking the time to complete the registration will insure that EmComm Staff members can assemble response teams with skills and equipment that best fit the current needs.


We are now documenting training that is being registered at this site. We have a page prepared for the transferring of your certificate files to the Administrator of Training. This is Frank Howard, WB1USN. This will insure that all courses have been documented that qualify hams for AUXCOMM and other necessary vetting. Most states that have moved to the use of AUXCOMM as the umbrella organization for supporting Amateur Radio groups active in disaster are requiring documentation for required courses. If you have completed the AUXCOMM course you will just need to submit a file of that certification. Your ICS-100, 200, 700 and 800 have already been documented with VDEM and DHS. We would also like to have a file of your ARRL courses such as EC-001, 002, 003 and EC-016. If you have completed ARES KY EMCOMM courses, please send those files as well.


Your EmComm registration information is password protected. Only you and authorized EmComm Staff members have access to it. Passwords are case-sensitive (i.e., abc is not the same as ABC).